For Developers

Use cases


Orderly provides the infrastructure and tools necessary for developers to build their own DeFi dApps by accessing an array of products Orderly offers.
Many products and functionalities are still in development and will be rolled out according to the roadmap

What's possible

The possibilities are endless when building with Orderly. Developers can tap into any of the products we offer, such as Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Perpetual Swaps, Lending & Borrowing, and Cross Chain Swaps (many functionalities are still in development and are not available to the public), and create a dApp for their specific needs.
Whether you're building a DEX, a Swap, or an entirely new product, Orderly provides the tools necessary to power your DeFi platform.

Why build on Orderly

Websites or apps using Orderly Network are free to tailor the experience to their use case and the unique needs of their target market. Integrating with Orderly will save build time for anyone building on the platform, given how challenging creating your own orderbook and liquidity can be, so developers can focus on delivering the best user experience.
For questions regarding building with us, send us an email or reach out in the discord​